Current Solutions

Kallaco is a unique technology platform for organizations who need to get back to business safely. By combining diagnostic services, digital health devices, and population health management software into a single offering, we empower businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare systems to test, monitor, and track the health of their communities. The platform is a powerful tool in the COVID-19 fight, providing organizations with a software solution for immediate and ongoing health tracking.

Availiant Healthcare Strategies

Availiant is a full-service management consulting firm with a special emphasis on technology solutions that improve delivery and efficiency of healthcare.  Through experienced advisory services, demonstrated performance improvement solutions, and knowledgeable healthcare consulting, Availiant helps clients transform toward increased efficiency, sustainable growth, and cost control within their specific healthcare disciplines.

Constance Ventures

Constance Ventures makes strategic investments in a variety of healthcare technology opportunities, specifically focused on software solutions to that improve efficiencies and operational excellence within a variety of healthcare disciplines.

Prior Investments / Successful Exits


EngageDX, now operating as AlignDX, was a SAAS platform designed to be the “Business Process Optimization Engine” for Healthcare Diagnostics.  The platform aligned lab operations, patient care, and business dynamics into a single, unified platform allowing laboratories to go 100% paperless from REQ to RESULT, all while providing unparalleled sample tracking through every step of testing. It also provided complex integration between multiple labs with rules-based routing for sample delivery and revenue cycle reconciliation.

Spivey & Company sold EngageDX to the Prometheus Group, backed by an Atlanta-based private equity firm in the fall of 2017.

SIGMA Health Ventures

SHV is a software and services partnership that specializes in licensing existing intellectual property and developing / integrating new applications and platforms for use in a variety of medical disciplines and healthcare settings.

Spivey & Company sold its equity position to an internal investment group in the summer of 2017.


BHN is an integrated healthcare services company providing software, services, and products to improve the delivery of pelvic health diagnostics and procedures for OB-GYN and Urology offices across the United States.

Spivey & Company sold its equity position to an internal investment group in the summer of 2018.